Finding a Job

America Needs Truckers

Because of regulation changes taking effect very soon, a truck driver shortage is definitely on the horizon. Without trucks, commerce in America stands still. You could be instrumental in helping America grow.

In many cases, the school you attend can help you with placement to your first driving job. We caution though, please have reasonable expectations. As your first job is basically a trail period to see how safe of a driver your going to be, don’t expect to be handling your own interstate big-rig the first time out. Take some time to learn the ropes of driving big trucks. If everyone could do it, there would not be a shortage of professional truckers.

Our affiliates can also help you with your employment needs. Below are links to some of their websites.

Truck Driver Training

Our website will put you in the driver’s seat.

If you want a career in trucking you need to get ready with a truck school that will make you a qualified and licensed candidate for the job you want. At we’ll show you all you need to know for truck driver training. We offer a searchable list of truck schools and resources for making you a knowledgeable driver ready to take the wheel.

In today’s tough job environment, the best truck driver training has never been more important. Industry experts are predicting a more competitive field for driving jobs, which means having a solid start with the right truck school is vital. At the same time,  new safety laws are going into effect, and drivers who don’t stay up-to-date will find themselves being replaced by drivers in the know. Our resources and truck driver training will help keep you up to speed on safety protocol and accountability requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We have resources that will help you ace your commercial driver’s license test and teach you how to safely operate large vehicles. We’ll train you in the different compliance, safety, and accountability standards set by your state’s transportation office.

Through our site and 1-800-TRUCKER, we’ll make sure you have what it takes to transition into a successful career, helping you develop the skills you need for the trucker job you want.

CDL Test

You can’t be a trucker without a commercial driver’s license and you can’t get that license without passing the CDL test.

Among the resources we offer at are free practice versions of the CDL test. Getting ready for taking the real thing is easy with our online CDL test. It includes sample questions on the same topics and safety standards that you’ll see on test day.

As you study and train, keep trying our site’s tests and watch your scores improve. By the time test day comes around you can feel confident you’ll pass with flying colors and be ready to take the wheel.

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