Truck Driver School

Truck driver school is the first hurdle toward a rewarding and lucrative trucking career. Through and 1-800-TRUCKER, we will help you find the best truck driver school for you, and put you on track to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Getting certified through CDL school will make you qualified and teach you how to safely operate large vehicles. CDL school will also help you to practice important tasks on the job. During truck driver school, you’ll learn all you need to get on the road in the trucking industry and help you master the ins and outs of compliance, safety, and accountability for your state.

Once you’re done with training, you’ll get a glimpse of how the trucking world truly operates. Most truckers go through an adjustment period where they find new responsibilities and expectations from each employer. With the right training, you’ll be prepared to handle the intricacies of your new career.

That period of time separates the best from the rest in the trucking world. With the right training, and our help, you can succeed and overcome the pressure. You’ll find we’ve prepared you with the right skills and a confident attitude to succeed.

CDL License

A CDL license is your passport to the trucking industry and the driving career you’ve been looking for. A commercial driver’s license requires industry training and passage of a written test on trucking safety and procedures. Our site and 1-800-TRUCKER will get you ready to pass the test and get your CDL license.

At we offer free practice versions of the test to obtain a CDL license. Getting ready for taking the real thing is easy with our online practice exams. It includes sample questions on the same topics and safety standards that you’ll see on test day.

Working on our practice tests and training will help you improve your scores and go into the real test confidently and well-prepared.