Why We Are Better

We have learned that the most important person is the new student. They need a new career, and in this economy, they need it yesterday. Servicing our schools, while paying direct attention to the student-prospect, is our most important goal. That is why we have gone out of our way to make it easy for your new students to find your school, while using the easiest tool they have at their disposal, the telephone.

1-800-TRUCKER® is revolutionizing the way people are contacting schools. Everyone is placing their bets on the internet, but not everyone has a computer at their disposal, when the time to motivate that phone call is at hand. Consider these important factors, from a students perspective:

  1. Driving down the road, listening to the radio, the announcer says, “Call 1-800-TRUCKER® today.”
  2. Hearing about 1-800-TRUCKER® while shooting pool with friends at their local watering hole.
  3. Seeing your 1-800-TRUCKER® advertisement on a billboard.
  4. Reading the newspaper during breakfast, seeing 1-800-TRUCKER®.
  5. Seeing 1-800-TRUCKER® while watching television.
  6. Someone on their bowling league repeats seeing or hearing 1-800-TRUCKER®.
  7. Following another truck on the freeway, they see 1-800-TRUCKER® on a school truck.
  8. They are sitting at their computer channel surfing. They go to your website. Your website has 7 seconds to post a memory statement, and make a powerful first impression.

1-800-TRUCKER® is the single most important statement your website will show.

The following statement is what guides all advertising and marketing campaigns, for the Fortune 500:

“In the promotion of your company, there are expedients which stimulate sales. The best expedient is the one that safeguards the position of the advertiser through memory retention of one specific item, during the viewing of that presentation, your Home Page.”

“The Vanity 800 Number is the most efficient way to promote memory retention.”

We, at Truck Driver Schools.com, know that getting your school, and your new 800 number, in front of as many people as possible, in the shortest period of time, is your main priority. As you review more information about our company, and become more educated about our marketing plan, we know you will be convinced that using 1-800-TRUCKER®, and our websites, is a smart decision.